Shh! Want to Try Sex with Legs?

Women known to have a lot of sensitive organs, not to mention the legs. No wonder that many men are obsessed with a beautiful pair of female legs.

What can be done with the feet while the ML? As quoted AskMen, the following trick with foot berncinta:

Try to paint the nails partner
Might think to paint your thumb is a pair of sexy things your partner. But it turned out to paint the nails are part of foreplay that can drive your partner wild.

According to the women, men pay attention to focus on painting the toe nails pushed it more wild. But unfortunately, many women who ask for the paint dry first before heading to the ML.

Fingering foot
Sprinkle the cream on the hands, then wipe your hands together with your partner to massage the feet. Use your whole hand to feel the legs from the knee to a finger and vice versa.

Touch any toes by giving a light massage on each finger. Do not forget any part of the toes, because it’s an important part. This foot massage will help to determine levels of tickled your partner.

Give light massage
Do not try the foot strikes the couple because it will hurt. Give a little pressure on the foot with your fingers as reflexology. Place the massage oil or baby oil on your hands and then smeared, then give a circular massage from the heel to the toes.

Sucking toes
Sucking toes is undoubtedly extraordinary sensation. Therefore, try slowly to kiss your knees first and then move down to the occasional lick on the legs give certain.

When it was ready to try to suck your thumb straight couples, because the thumb is the easiest part to play in the mouth. Start by kissing around and slowly squashed in the mouth.

Try to 69 position
If the couple also wanted to do the same on your feet, use 69 position. With the position of the genital area facing each other, and holding their feet will feel wonderful sensation. Touch each other, touch each other, kissing each other,

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