Choose Swim, Bike, or Jogging?

Improving fitness can certainly be done without having to provide a variety of strange equipment. Three sports activities of a general nature, ie jogging, swimming, and cycling, is a three-sport activities which could obviously increase fitness because it is aerobic exercise.

Among the three, swimming is a sport that most small risk of getting injured. Except for swimming pool facilities are needed, two other activities is very easy to do. The so constraint is to maintain discipline.

To swim, besides improving fitness for those who do not have physical disorders, sports are also beneficial for those who have physical barriers.

Swimming, in addition to improving our fitness, is also good for people with asthma, lower back pain, or those with abnormal posture due to swim is not a burden.

As for cycling, can still be done by those who have abnormalities of posture, such as scoliosis, the shoulders are not aligned, or abnormalities in the legs and waist.

From the outside environment, the activity of cycling in a big city because the roads were so disturbed crowded, so the activity can not be a constant cycling of having to stop often. However, cycling on the highway had a surplus, ie we do not become tired as when the exercise bike.

To kill boredom, riding a stationary bike at home can be done while watching television or listening to music. We pedaling cadence can be adjusted with the music, so do not get bored.

The most expensive, is jogging. Jogging can be done around the compound, young and old can do it. Jogging or walking good done by those aged over 45 years.

When everything is going well, has been running regular activity and exercise are no longer our burden, the next thing to remember is to do it safely, not cause injury, and carried out gradually.

In addition to gradual, do not forget to warm up and stretch before exercising, as well as cooling and stretching afterwards.

Stage of the process that occurs in our bodies during exercise, namely the first few minutes we get energy from blood sugar reserves. After that up to 10 minutes, we get energy from carbohydrate reserves in muscle.

More than 10 minutes to 30 minutes, we get energy from carbohydrates and fats. After more than 30 minutes, the energy we get from burning the body fat reserves. We can lose weight if we burn fat reserves.

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