Smoke Make Mutated Sperm

Too often suck the air in a smoky room can damage sperm, a study mentioned.

It looks at new research showing that mice exposed to smoke exposure is continuously damaged sperm DNA mutation persists even in the offspring later.

In that study, researchers tobacco smoke pumped directly to cage animals for 2 weeks for approximately 20 to 90 minutes per day. Then they found a specific region of the sperm DNA shows damaged properties and the possible magnitude is passed to future offspring.

“The smoke triggered an increase in abnormalities in the number and structure of chromosomes in the sperm” explains Olivia Caron interpreter biacara health agency Health Canada to conduct this research.

This fact was attributed to passive smoking are often inhale cigarette smoke in a bar. “It seems more than 4,000 chemicals that threaten the passive smokers among 70 substances known to cause cancer and capable of inducing genetic damage” explains Caron again.

But the researchers claim still requires further research that describes a substance that causes mutations in sperm

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